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Charles T. – Chalfont, PA

The Dogwatch® System we recently purchased is working great. Reggie has adjusted very quickly inside and outside. We wish we got the system when we moved in a year ago. Also, your technicians were extremely professional and helpful in getting us acquainted with the system.

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Charles T.  – Chalfont, PA

Maureen D. - Harleysville Vet Hospital, Harleysville, PA

When my husband and I first began researching hidden fence systems, we found so many options available. We had never personally seen any of them in use so we had to start from the beginning. I brought home pamphlets from Harleysville Vet Hospital, where I work and we researched all of the systems including a few self-install systems that we could find on the internet. When we narrowed them down we then had three different companies come to our house to show us what they have to offer. DogWatch® systems were far above the others in terms of both features and training. I especially liked the extra-long battery life that none of the others could come close to matching.

We were also concerned that a hidden fence would not be a possible option for our 8-month-old Alaskan Malamute puppy as many people we spoke with said dogs of her breed were too difficult to train and would run right through the fence to get to distractions on the other side, despite the shock they received. We have now proven them all wrong! On the day of installation a trainer showed McKinley her boundaries and taught me what I would need to do in the next couple of weeks to continue this training. During the first week, she did test the fence just once and ran through. I was very concerned and called Lori Russell who reassured me that this does happen in the beginning sometimes as they are learning. The very next day a DogWatch® trainer was back to reinforce to McKinley what she had learned that first day. It was great knowing that if we ever have any concerns or questions they would be there to help us. Of course we have not had one incident since.

I now do not have to worry that McKinley will run away when we are playing fetch and running around outside. The additional exercise she gets now makes her a much happier dog when she is inside (a tired dog is a happy dog!) and I know she would love to thank Lori and DogWatch as well with a big "Woo Woo" for enriching her life with the great outdoors. She can hardley wait to play in the snow this winter as "her people" just couldn't keep up with her running in the deep snow last winter even as a puppy!

Thanks for everything...I don't know how we managed without our DogWatch® Fence!

Maddy & Bob H. – Harleysville, PA

Our Brittany, Brinna, is a very happy puppy since we have our DogWatch® fence. It's great to see her run freely and safely in our yard without fear of her leaving the property.

Thank you so much for your professional explanation of how the fence works and for your help in training Brinna in the use of the fence. We also appreciate that you came to our home within days of our call to you and the fence went in 2 weeks after that visit. Everything went promptly as scheduled.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Jerome M. Glickstein, VMD - Ophthalmology, Emergency and Critical Care Service

Thank you so much for installing your hidden fence system on our property. It was easy to get our dogs adjusted to it and we feel now that our dogs are safe. When we decided to get a system like this installed, we interviewed several companies. We felt most comfortable with yours. As it turns out, your system is great and your service (during and after installation) is even better!

Karen S. – Fogelsville, PA

Just wanted to say Hello and give you an update on Sally. She's really settling in to our family and getting somewhat calmer. But the fence has been terrific!! She completely respects it so we know she's safe, we're very happy to have given up the baby gates and its much easier to put her out to do her business. The biggest surprise has been the impact it has had on the dog vs. cat situation. Because we used the cat for correction training, Sally now seems to think the cat is "electric" and leaves her alone. The cat learned all the boundaries immediately, goes wherever she wants and returns to the dogless area when she wishes! Thank you for doing a great job and I would be happy to recommend your system.

Karen R. – Warrington, PA

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how happy we are with our DogWatch® System. Wilson our Soft Coated Weaton would also like you to know how happy he has been. He has full access to 1 acre of running room, which has made him to be one very tired and happy dog.

The system has been working beautifully, Wilson knows his boundaries and as far as we know, he does not test them.Thank you for all your help!!!

Charles T. – Chalfont, PA

The Dogwatch® System we recently purchased is working great. Reggie has adjusted very quickly inside and outside. We wish we got the system when we moved in a year ago. Also, your technicians were extremely professional and helpful in getting us acquainted with the system.

Tim J. – Harleysville, PA

I have now had your system for about a year and by far this is the best investment I have made in many years. I was somewhat skeptical that it would work but my dog (Golden) has never even come close to getting out even when there are squirrels to chase. The installation went according to plan and the service from your people was absolutely tremendous. The price was far less than your major competitor and there was no big hype as to why I should go with your system. I feel comfortable with letting her out and she will not track close enough to the boundary as to even let the warning beep go off. All I have is one happy dog!

Laurie S. & Comet

I can't imagine what our lives would be like if we not invested in the DogWatch® Hidden Fence System for our dog. Not only is she enjoying the outdoors without having a leash but we also don't have to worry that she is using the neighbor's yard as her private bathroom. Our social Boxer enjoys people very much and loved to greet walkers and joggers in the street as they passed by our home. I'm glad to say my embarrassment of having to chase after her in my bathrobe many mornings is over. We chose DogWatch® over their competitors for many reasons, the main one being their great reputation for customer service. We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality system as well as the caring, conscientious staff of DogWatch®.

Jim & Maryann B.

Several years ago, my wife and I were compelled to inquire about some type of pet containment system for our lovable German Shepherds. Traditional fencing was out of the question due to the size of the yard and the sheer cost a fence would have incurred. After weeks of research on various pet containment systems and calling on a few local installers, we decided on the DogWatch® System. The sales staff was superb, not to mention knowledgeable. Our veterinarian gave his approval, so we were convinced this was the way to go. That was three years ago and today we are thrilled with the system, it is simply wonderful. We love it.

More importantly, it works fantastic, even better than we had anticipated. Both dogs responded very well to the brief training process. The DogWatch® System is very humane and is actually vet approved. We have the security of knowing that our dogs are safe within the boundaries of their own property, no matter what. No worries about street traffic or the occasional varmit that might pass through our yard, we are now certain that they will remain in their boundary. It was definitely a wise investment and backed with a lifetime warranty, how could we go wrong. It is absolutely amazing how well the DogWatch® Systems work; its like having a guardian angel watching over our loved ones. Thanks again DogWatch®.

Ginger B.

It was great working with Bob and Meghan. Best investment we made to protect our Shiba Inu (known runners). Going for the training collar next for when we are not on our property.

Wendy C. – Ivyland, PA

I wanted to send you an update on Buster's progress with the DogWatch® Hidden Fence you installed for us in early December. He's staying within his boundaries now without any guidance. Our neighbors are even having a garage installed near our property border and I thought for sure heh would be running right up to the boundary line in an effort to get over there with all the commotion going on. He went over there, but stopped about 3 feet on our side and just sat there and watched them. I was absolutely amazed! The kids go off to the bus in the morning or come home in the afternoon and he will run up tot he border to greet them, but he will not cross it. The best part about the entire thing however is the indoor system. This has truly been a miracle for us. We turned on the system after Buster had gotten used to the outside system and within 1 day he was staying away from the indoor flags. Within a week the baby gates were down and he was consistently staying in the back of the house like we wanted him to.

Ellen K. – Chalfont, PA

Thanks so much for what you did us today, I do not know of any other service that would have taken the time to come out and look at my underground fence that you did not even install, but to go out of your way on such a rainy day, and we will not mention such a muddy yard to fix the system. You saved the day.

If you ever need any referrals you can use my name any time. It was a pleasure dealing with both of you.

Karen T. – Collegeville, PA

I would like to wish you both a wonderful year. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for am amazing experience. Little did I know when I called to have our dog fence installed that I was going to meet two of the most fantastic women.

From the very start our experience with DogWatch®, we have experienced exemplary service and genuine kindness. You both were great with Sophie and our children had a blast with you both every time you came to the house. I will recommend your company to everyone. You worked with us on every level from figuring out where we wanted the fence to the installation and finally the training of our high energy puppy. You even came to the rescue when Sophie chewed her collar and we needed a new one the day before Thanksgiving!! Now if that is not service, I could not tell you what is. Thank you for a phenomenal experience. It is not everyday that you meet genuine people. I am thrilled to have had the chance to meet you both.

Stephen Turbyfill - Doylestown, PA

Hi Everyone. I had 3 vendors come out and give me quotes on installing a dog fence. Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop and DogWatch...After doing research on the equipment we went with DogWatch of Southeastern PA. Meghan Ochnich was the lead on their sales team and did a fabulous job with explaining their product, the training and the follow up...There is No proprietary batteries that we have to buy, but are recommended and even that they are still only $20.00 each every 2 years, again this was a big selling point that no other vendor could compete with even closely. Bob Walker, the owner of the company, also spent as much time with my wife and I as needed and more. We had a great experience with them and would recommend their system to anyone. The dogs were trained like clockwork in the exact amount of time or less than described and now they roam free like cattle in the backyard never leaving the property (or go near the wire.. lol). The service and installation went great and people we even greater... A+ for DogWatch of Southeastern PA.

"The first two words that come to my mind when I think about DogWatch® are quality and innovation. DogWatch® has the best technology on the market today. Competitive systems come close, but the features available on DogWatch® systems simply have them beat. And, you can trust your dog to DogWatch®. The people at DogWatch® care as much about your dog as you do, and they will see to it that you and your dog are happy with your purchase.

DogWatch® dealers are professionals who will not only install the system, but train your dog for successful containment. I cannot overstate how important this is. Training is the key to the effectiveness of the system, and DogWatch® dealers follow the same behavioral and conditioning principles professional trainers use. In addition, a DogWatch® Hidden Fence is in itself a 24-hour trainer for your dog. The system reinforces what the dog has already been trained to do by your DogWatch® dealer - respect the boundaries you have set.

Finally, speaking as a trainer, I know DogWatch® products are not only effective, they are safe. They will not hurt your dog. In fact, by keeping your dog contained in your yard, the DogWatch® System protects your dog from harm. The fact is that a slight correction is much better for your dog than risking a potentially fatal run-in with a car on a busy street. And that means more peace of mind for you. For quality, safety, innovation, and effectiveness, I recommend DogWatch® Hidden Fence systems to my clients and to you," said Raymond J. McSoley.

Raymond J. McSoley is an internationally known Animal Behavior Therapist who has treated thousands of dogs with problems ranging from simple bad habits to severe aggression. He has been "Helping Dogs With People Problems" since 1974. He is the owner of Animal Behavioral Associates located in Westwood, Mass. McSoley serves as consultant to the trainers at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah and the Buddy Dog Humane Society Sudbury, Mass. The author of Dog Tales and the soon-to-be-released A Ray Of Hope, Mr. McSoley has been featured on television programs and speaks extensively on the human/canine companion bond.

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